Journal of Geography


지리학논총, Vol.62 (2016)

An Assesment of Social Capital and Adaptation of Small Scale Chinese Gold Miners in Ghana

Victor Owusu

(Ph.D. Candidate at the Department of Geography, Seoul National University)

Over the past few years Chinese investments in African countries has attracted media attention from around the world. China has emerged as one of the formidable developing partner of Africa. At the backdrop of this Sino-Africa political and economic relations, Africa has witnessed an increase in arrival of Chinese nationals on the continent, majority of whom are private entrepreneurs involved in the informal economy. This study explored the activities of small scale Chinese migrant gold miners in Ghana by assessing how they create social capital and various adaptation strategies to develop their business through review of journal articles, online newspapers and documentaries. Results of the study indicates lax government enforcement of laws to protect resource exploitation at the community level. There are widespread conflicts between Chinese and local communities over the ownership and the extent to which resources are to be exploited. Ghana has ratified good laws on mining for multi-national and small scale illegal mining, the onus therefore lies in the enforcement of this rules and regulations to salvage the precarious situation.

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